Prestige EnviroMicrobiology is proud to announce that our Senior Microbiologist, Dr. Ching-Yi Tsai, has successfully completed a three-day workshop titled “Food and Indoor Fungi” at CBS-KNAW (the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences) Fungal Biodiversity Centre, Utrecht, the Netherlands in October, 2016.

Dr. Chin Yang has recently co-authored two book chapters on indoor fungi. If you are interested in reading any of the chapters, please contact him directly or our office.

Yang, C. S. Pakpour, J. Klironomos, and D-W. Li. 2016. Chapter 15 Microfungi in Indoor Environments: What Is Known and What Is Not. in "Biology of Microfungi". pp. 373- 412. Edited by D-W Li. Springer International Publishing, Switzerland.

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